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From 15th of October to 28th of February 2012 – three hunting days


After a 9 year experience, Rock partridge House took with concession even another reserve consisted of 7000 hectares: Beautiful Trebeshine, Dhembel Mountains, which are at the back of Permet city south of Albania close to North border of Greece. These two beautiful mountains have a highly rich rock partridge (Alectoris Greca) and beccace where all hunters and their hunting dogs have been enjoyed themselves. Once you have enjoyed this beautiful site for the first time you will be eager to come back again. Their owners – being hunters themselves, protect them carefully and exploit them wisely this nice fauna reserve. With this care and the investment done, today every hunter with a god hunting dog can meet 4-5 hunting groups that have shot 10-12 rock partridge in a day.

It is one of the most emotional hunting which hunting dogs in a magnifying action catching the pray. Rock partridge in this area is always present duo to the altitude of 2300 meter

The hunting group will be accommodated in the three stars recently constructed hotel in front of Dhembel mountain.

Our experts that know the area very good will escort you all the day specifically in the rough terrain.


First day: Arrival in Albania, form Igumenica, Greece, welcome in Custom lunch and accommodation in hotel   

Day 2-3-4 In group hunting with tow hunters escorted by an Albanian person   
Day 5 Breakfast and seeing off from our escort person to Custom


The prices include:
-Warantes for all shotguns and ammunitions that will be entering in Albania
-Assistence in the custom, accommodation in the three stars double room hotel. .
-Assitence until to be embarking to departure from Albania.
-Three hunting days with a possibility to arrange a specific program
-The permission to hunt in Albania issued for Albanian Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest
-Assistance given by an Albanian interpreter in Italian language.
-One Albanian escort for tow hunters
-Veterinary certificate for shot fowl

Expenses that are not include in the prices:

-4x4 cars with drives and two persons -70 euro per day (when necessary)
-Back and for travel to Albania (by plane or by see)
-Custom taxes
- Shotguns and ammunitions rent -20 euro per day
- One extra day staying -250 euro
- All prices above are not include in the package 
- In case of a rainy day the expenses are the same, but for tow rainy day the Agency will offer one more hunting day. 

Required documents :

  • 1) Valid passport and ID
  • 2) Europian passport for dogs accompany with vaccine certificate with against lyses
  • 3) A copy of license of export weapons and ammunition issued from official authorities.
  • 4) For the cars: drivers’ license, traveling permission, properties certificate, in case when the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, it should be provided with the bail to use the car issued by notary or the secretary of commune where he/she is resident. The CR insurance is not valid in Albania
  • 5) It is recommended vehicle of model 4x4 car to reach the hunting zone.


  • Foreign hunters must have got the Albanian Police Permission in order to enter to Albania with their shotguns.
  • In order the above permission be possible everyone should send at least 20 days before these data: the number, type, caliber of shotgun accompanied with the name and family name of the hunter.
  • According to the Law 7566, 25/05/1992, every foreign hunter entering Albania for hunting should be provided by Albanian Police with license or a warrant from the agency in case of using the weapons of the agency. The hunting is 100% illegal, if these documents are not provided and presented, and in this case the Albanian Police is obligated to take the measures and you will be condemn by Albanian Law. If this is the case, the charge sheet will be sent to the Italian Police, so you should avoid the risk.



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